The patio set you have may be stained, torn, or faded. You may have found a set at the flea market with cushions that need to be replaced. You likely do not want to invite people over if they will see the outdoor furniture.

You may wonder what is involved in reupholstering outdoor furniture. Is it something you can do yourself, or should you call a professional? How long will it take? Many questions arise. This article will provide some answers.

Cost Saving Options

Paying full price for a new set of outdoor furniture when the cushions are stained, faded, or you simply do not like the print is unnecessary. One option is to hire a professional to reupholster the furniture. Another option is to recover the patio furniture yourself to extend the life and save money.

Personal Touch

One of the best things about upholstering outdoor furniture is the freedom to design what you like. There is a wide range of outdoor fabric materials to create any look you desire. The print, texture, and color are under your control whether you cover the furniture yourself or let a professional handle the job. Spread your creative wings and choose something you will love for a long time.

Satisfaction and Fun of DIY

Do-it-yourself crafting is becoming quite popular. Instead of spending time in front of a computer, you may want to make something beautiful for your patio. When others compliment your handiwork, you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Choosing a Fabric

Outdoor fabric is different than other fabrics for crafting or dressmaking. It is sturdier, thicker, and heavier than other fabrics. Outdoor fabric has a unique weatherproofing treatment that makes it feel smoother and slicker. It may take a some getting used when working with it. Start slowly and allow time to become comfortable working with the fabric. An excellent feature of outdoor fabric is It holds its shape.

outdoor furniture

Type of Thread

The thread is also smoother and thicker than the conventional poly-blend or cotton thread. It is often polyester thread spun from several filaments, making it stronger. Typically, it is stiffer and easier to thread into a needle.

Old Fabric Removal

Sometimes it is possible to cover a patio dining chair pad or cushion without removing the old fabric. Often, it is better to start fresh. The old fabric is used as a pattern for the new. Use a seam ripper or scissors to open the seams of cushions, trying to keep the fabric intact. 

Place any foam cushion or batting to the side. For chair pads, a screwdriver or pliers removes staples that hold the old fabric in place. Either trace around the pieces on paper or use the old fabric as a pattern.

Pin your choice to the new fabric and cut around the pattern. If you are skilled with a sewing machine, sew the pieces together, add a cushion or batting, and reattach the final product to the outdoor furniture. A professional upholsterer may be the answer for those not machine savvy. 


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