You make a significant investment when purchasing a couch. It may be in your home for decades. Spending extra time doing homework before making the purchase is wise. Style preferences are a matter of choice, but there are objective criteria to use when choosing a high-quality sofa. 

While couches last for years, they suffer wear and tear over time. Luckily, you can do plenty to revive an aging sofa. Cushions can be restuffed to make them feel comfortable and plush again. Reupholstering gives a new look by replacing torn, worn, or stained fabric and fixing any sagging.

Sometimes, replacing a couch is more cost-effective. If the current couch is too small, does not meet your needs in style or shape, or is damaged beyond repair, you want to shop around for a new one.  If you do not have a couch, buying one gives your living space a spot for central gatherings.

Sofas are available in many styles. They include Victorian, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, contemporary, and more. Narrow your choices to match your style. When buying a couch, the things to consider are 

  • Space
  • Materials
  • Features
  • Size


You do not want the couch to impede the flow of traffic or overpower the room. Measure the space, particularly the wall where you will place the sofa, and the width, height, and diagonal opening of doorways. Take the measurements with you when you shop.


Selecting the suitable fabric keeps the couch looking its best. You want easy-to-clean and durable fabric if you have pets or children. High-maintenance fabrics like silk are best for sofas that are used infrequently. Microfibers are excellent in areas of heavy use. They are easy to clean and attractive.

Textured fabrics do not show as much wear and tear as smooth fabric. For longevity, leather is an excellent option. Like well-tailored clothing, stripes and patterns at the seams should match. Stripes or patterns that match look well-finished.

The couch pattern should be centered, and the piping should run straight. Seams and piping that are uneven mean the cover was poorly-tailored by the manufacturer. Upholstery fabric with a higher thread count has a denser and more durable weave.


There is a debate over the best stuffing for couch cushions. Many people prefer intensely soft cushions or overstuffed couches. The most common filling is polyurethane foam. You want a balance between a soft foam that can break down quickly and a long-lasting foam too firm for comfort. Couches may have built-in storage, replaceable covers, built-in beds, reclining seats, cup holders, and other features. Knowing what you would enjoy helps sift through the features.


The size of the couch depends on your plans for it. Will it be used for reading, relaxing, or entertaining? Seats should be comfortable for all family members and large enough so everyone has a place to sit. You may want a larger couch or pair it with easy chairs to accommodate everyone.

A general rule for proportionality is approximately two-thirds the size of the wall it will be against. Another consideration is how deep the seats will be. The choice of shallow or deep depends on the height of the people sitting on the couch.

A recliner couch should be comfortable in all positions. The back of the sofa should support a person’s back when their feet are flat on the floor, and the back of the knees are slightly forward from the seat cushion.

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