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Is your furniture starting to look outdated? Get the best reupholstery service in NYC!

Maybe you’ve had your living room set for decades, and it’s starting to show some wear, but you’re not willing to part with the vintage pieces.

Perhaps your dining chair covers have collected some unsightly stains over the years, and they could do with some refurbishing.

We understand how expensive it can be to replace a room full of furniture. The costs of new sets run fairly high, and no one looks forward to the backbreaking labor required to move all of their old furniture out of the house. There’s also plenty of reasons why you might want to hang on to pieces you’ve had for a long time.

Reupholstery might be the right solution for you! Our Reupholstery NYC company can keep your interior looking fresh and new without parting with any of your beloved antiques. Get in touch with us to learn more about our reupholstery services!

What is Reupholstery?

Reupholstery removes certain elements of a piece of furniture and replaces them with new materials. This process is mainly done with seats and couches and is primarily concerned with the covers, webbing, padding, and springs. 

It’s like a facelift for your furniture — we make the outside look good as new and the interior more functional, all while building off the original piece’s framework.

Who Does Reupholstery?

An upholsterer typically does this work of replacing the most important parts of your antique armchairs, couches, and loveseats. This profession primarily involves dealing with furniture covers, pads, springs, and webbing, either by installing them on original furniture or replacing them on vintage pieces.

Our furniture restoration team is equipped with the best training and plenty of practical work experience, so you always know that your precious furniture items are safe in their hands. We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship, and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the handiwork of our dedicated experts.  

Why Reupholstery and Not Buy a New Couch?

There are plenty of reasons why reupholstering your existing furniture is a smarter move than replacing it with brand-new pieces. For one thing, if you’ve already invested in high-quality furniture, especially vintage pieces or antiques, it would be a waste of money to just throw them away at the first sign of wear. Instead, you can keep your precious valuables, but give them a facelift to keep them looking fresh.

If your existing wood furniture has intricate details, such as studded work, button backs, or wooden areas, you’ll want to show off these features. They’re a mark of dedicated craftsmanship which adds value to the piece, and that sort of detail is hard to come by with any modern factory furniture you might use to replace it. Reupholstering lets you keep these unique features while getting rid of the parts that don’t work.

Plus, from an environmental standpoint, reupholstery is a lot like recycling! You can repurpose your existing furniture and extend its use rather than throwing it out and letting it take up space in a landfill, only to replace it with modern items made from less sustainable materials.

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So if you find yourself in a home full of stained, scratched, or otherwise disheveled-looking furniture, why not give reupholstery a try? It’s the best way to breathe life back into your furniture without the hassle of replacing the pieces entirely. 

We’re proud to offer high-quality furniture restoration in New York City . Call us to schedule a consultation! Our team is available to help out with all of your reupholstery needs, and we can answer any of your questions.

Reupholstery NYC

Our Reupholstery Process

Remove the Existing Upholstery:

The first order of business is to get the old, unwanted parts off of the piece of furniture and into the garbage. Our technicians will carefully strip away the fabric cover, webbing, padding, and springs, leaving behind the piece’s intact and stable wooden frame. This will be their canvas to build on top of.  

Make Sure the Frame is in Good Condition:

Next, it’s essential to inspect the wooden frame for problems to ensure the furniture’s integrity. If everything goes according to plan, the upholsterer will likely just need to tighten a few joints here and there.

Replace the Interior Cushion Parts:

At this point, the upholsterer will attach all the parts that will go inside of the fabric or leather seat cover. The springs, webbing, and padding must be properly installed to allow for maximum comfort and a pleasing shape.

Replace the Cover:

Finally, the upholsterer will attach the new cover of your choosing, be it leather, fabric, or some other material, and then your old furniture will be good as new!

Our re-upholstery services include the following items:

  • Sofa
  • Furniture Reupholstery
  • Cushions
  • Ottoman
  • Pillows
  • Love Seats
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Recliners

We take pride in our customer service and workmanship!

We used Dumbo Upholstery for the second time now and their work is outstanding.

Steve Rivkin

Finding a reliable upholsterer in New York City is not an easy task. luckily we found these guys at the first try. very satisfied with the outcome.

Shon Vernon. CEO

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