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We become attached to our furniture. It lives with us for many years, and we share memories with it. However, it’s a fact of life that over time it becomes worn, with scratches and stains tarnishing the surface and spoiling its appearance.

Sometimes you also see a piece of furniture for second-hand sale that was once grand but suffered at the hands of time. Too often, we pass up on buying these pieces because we’re unsure whether to restore them.

With our high-quality furniture restoration services, you can bring new life to your beloved furniture or put a new shine on an antique piece for a fraction of its true worth. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our furniture restoration services in NYC and how we can revitalize your favorite pieces. 


The first part of our restoration process is to strip the existing surface from the furniture. This is a delicate task and performed by hand by our expert team.

It’s necessary for us to strip the old surface before applying a new one to ensure that the surface is completely even. In many cases, there’s also damage from spillages or staining beneath the surface that needs to be repaired before coating and finishing can begin.

After hand-stripping furniture, we apply a chemical wash to clean the surface and ensure that the new coating applies to a neutral base.


It’s usually necessary for our furniture restoration services team to disassemble an item before repairs can be made. Furniture can suffer damage to its joining or damage to areas that you can’t access unless the furniture is taken apart. Beyond this, sometimes the item is already broken when it comes to the shop, and we would like it to be refinished at the same time as it is repaired.

Gluing is a necessary part of fixing old furniture. Joints are carefully resealed with a powerful adhesive to ensure that they hold firm for years to come. The gluing process is performed by hand with painstaking accuracy. This is to ensure that there is no extraneous glue that impacts the appearance of your beloved possessions.

Gluing is also a vital part of repairing damage to chipped or gouged surfaces.


Repairing an old item can be as simple as reattaching a missing part. However, we can also carry out far more extensive repairs such as fixing gouges or splinters and repairing heavy water damage. This is a laborious process that requires years of practice to perform properly and is one of the most impressive services we offer.

It’s difficult to imagine a table that has been cracked and gouged for many years coming back with a perfectly smooth finish. While there are limits to the miracles that furniture repair services can perform, seeing the delight on customers’ faces whose beloved possessions have been repaired and restored is the most satisfying part of our job.


After a piece has been sanded by a machine and then delicately hand-sanded to perfect smoothness, it’s time for a piece to be finished. This may involve, protects the wood from liquid damage, and makes it more resilient against scratches and stains.

The sealant is applied carefully to maximize evenness. After this, it is again sanded by hand to ensure that the finish is smooth. During the staining and sealing process, we constantly evaluate the piece. We make adjustments where necessary for even color and texture.

French Polishing

French polishing is a special kind of finishing that involves repeatedly coating a wooden surface with layers of dissolved shellac. It is applied with a special oiled cloth and produces a finish reminiscent of the precious stone tiger’s eye quartz.

French polishing is a classic technique and is considered desirable for many older restored pieces. It takes a high level of training and skill to achieve and produces a real ‘wow’ factor when seen up close.

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