Selecting Chair Slipcovers

Style is of little importance if your favorite chair has darkened armrests from body oils and sweat, is badly stained by food accidents, or is covered in pet hair. Regardless of how often it is cleaned, or the products used to clean it, the chair has lost its visual appeal.

A chair slipcover can hide worn and tattered upholstery and protect it from further damage. There are two basic designs – tailor-made and ready-made. A traditional slipcover is sewn by hand in a professional upholstery shop.

History of Slipcovers

Originally, slipcovers were hand-crafted by tapestry weavers and used to protect the furniture of the wealthy. As slipcovers came into vogue, slipcover makers went into the homes of the rich and measured and cut fabric on site.

They returned to their shop or home to sew the fabric together. ‘Summertime millionaire’ was a nickname given to slipcover makers because of the money made in the slipcover industry. Artisans, such as those, are nearly gone. The remaining designers and shops charge a pretty penny for their work.

Slipcovers become a fashion accessory in the 18th and 19th centuries. Ready-made slipcovers became popular in the 1960s when a one-piece covering was less expensive than having one hand-tailored. They are mass-produced and work with various chair sizes and styles. You can find ready-made slipcovers in specialty retail shops or online.

Choice of Fabric

There are a couple of things to take into consideration when selecting slipcovers for chairs. Besides color and pattern, another factor to consider is the fabric. Choices include natural fiber fabric, such as ramie, cotton, and linen or synthetic material made from polyester, nylon, or acrylic.

The best fabric blends artificial and natural materials for durability and easy fitting, shaping and cleaning. Pay attention to the texture, weave, and weight of the fabric. Fabric is available online, but it may be safer to visit a fabric store.

When ordering online, determining the accurate color, weight, and texture is difficult. Medium weight fabric, such as denim, canvas, and cotton, are excellent options. They are durable, machine washable, and conform easily to furniture shape.

Custom-Made Slipcovers

Custom-made slipcovers usually cost more than ready-made slipcovers. It is essential to decide on a budget before ordering a slipcover or selecting the fabric. Custom slipcovers are an excellent option for odd-shaped furniture or if you have a particular design in mind. A custom-made slipcover allows you to get a slipcover made to your specifications. It is an investment and worth spending money on a high-quality fabric.

Choosing a Company to Make Slipcovers

Deciding on an upholstery company can be a daunting task. There are many options, and you have money riding on the decision—research upholsterers in your area that offer custom slipcover services. Read reviews about the company and do not hesitate to ask questions. Let them know the budget they will have to work with to complete the project. Custom-made slipcovers require some time. Ask when you place the order when to expect completion of the job. another option is chair seat reupholstery



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